Solution Provider for International Communications Systems


La Cresta Communications, Inc. has participated on numerous communication and other projects providing our customers with state of the art equipment at the most affordable prices. Here we list a few of our recent projects:

  • Wireless bridges providing point-to-point data transmission on the 5GHz frequency range, connecting cities at a 20-45km range.
  • Communications system - repeaters, base, mobile and portables - connecting a 100 square km area for a multi-national organization.
  • Ground to Air Radio system used for communication between a ground control center and a fleet of aircraft
  • Laptop computers and printer peripherals used for a corporate type network
  • Ruggedized Laptop computers used for field operations
  • Point-to-Point Microwave System for voice and data communications for off-shore oil platforms
  • Two-way Communication System - repeaters, base, mobile and hand-held stations for an oil processing plant
  • Communication Test Instruments for a foreign oil company