Solution Provider for International Communications Systems

Satellite Communication System

La Cresta Communications, Inc. has participated on various satellite communication projects where we have provided single and multi-channel voice/fax systems with low and high data transmission speeds. We have provided various Inmarsat satellite systems, such as Inmarsat-B, Inmarsat-C, Inmarsat-M, Inmarsat-Mini-M, Inmarsat M-4, with various configurations, Stationary, Briefcase, Mobile Land and Maritime versions.

La Cresta Communications, Inc. has been a supplier of remote video satellite transmission systems for professional Television broadcast stations. We are also providing various satellite modems for C-band and open network with a variable rate of data transmission.

La Cresta Communications Inc. is cooperating with well known North American and world reputable manufacturers of satellite equipment and systems, such as: Comtech, Nera, Comsat, Thrane & Thrane, ViaSat, Titan and others.