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STARLERT GPS Tracking System

La Cresta Communications, Inc. is offering a GPS based tracking service, which enables organizations to track its assets and personnel, and view their location and movement in real-time through any Internet connected PC.

  This system is ideal for any organization that has moving assets, such as fleets of vehicles, trucks, heavy machinery, equipment or personnel whose whereabouts are important.
  Increase your organization awareness as well as security.
  Increase your dispatch capabilities by knowing which vehicle in your fleet is closest to the desired location.
  Tracked asset/personnel is equipped with Starlert ST-1 device, which is extremely easy to be installed, operates with internal battery or DC power supply. ST-1 device has no external antenna, weighs a little over 100 grams and is small enough to fit into a pack of cigarettes. ST-1 Specifications
  Using a web-interface on a Internet connected PC view tracked asset/personnel in real-time.
  System is highly customizable to many applications and scenarios.
  Uses commercial wireless networks, no need for expensive infrastructure (HF, VHF, microwave, etc.).
  ST-1 tracking device is offered at the most compatible prices.


Real–Time tracking Monitor tracked object on your PC with a user friendly web-interface.
View updates as frequently as every 30 seconds.
Tracking History
View asset/personnel movement for any specified time in the past.
receive notification (web, e-mail, cell phone over SMS) once asset/personnel in our out of allowed geographical boundary area
Speed Monitoring
Receive notification (web, e-mail, cell phone over SMS) once above speed limit
Remotely control your Assets
Turn off the vehicle engine in case of vehicle theft
Trigger an alarm
Custom remote control applications